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June 25, 2015 | Gayatri Kolwankar

After a nail biting pre-finale, 6 lucky contenders have entered the final stage of ‘India’s Got Talent- Season 6’. It was a tough task for the Judges, Malaika Arora Khan, Karan Johar and Kirron Kher to select the finalists for the prestigious title. Yogehswari Mistry, Beat Breakers, X1X Junior Group, Parry G with Harmanpreet, Manik Paul and Prahlad Acharya are the finalists who will compete with each other to become ‘India’s true talent’. The finalists share their experience with Times TV Exclusive:

Yogeshwari Mistry: Participating in ‘India’s Got Talent’ was an altogether different experience for me, compared to the other championships I have participated earlier. Here there is vast variety of talents that goes beyond gymnastics. Reaching to the Grand Finale with all these great acts has been amazing. I think the Beat Breakers will be a tough competitor for me. I don’t think any of them is difficult to please; they have all been very helpful after my performances.

Beat Breakers ‘Mithun’: The journey has been good and very remarkable in every possible way. From start till now, every moment spent on this show has been a memorable experience throughout. Not one but all of them are very strong competitors for us. Among the judges, Kirron Kher is one of our strongest supporters, as for who isn’t I choose not to comment!

X1X Junior Group ‘Swapnil’: We formed X1X Junior Group specifically to participate in India’s Got Talent’. We are a mixture of middle class and upper class dancers who have worked incredibly hard to reach to this stage. In Thane, wherever we found a place, we practiced. Winning the Golden buzzer was amazing, after it we felt we should work even harder towards the finals. In the past five seasons on India’s Got Talent dance groups have won and we hope to join that list too this year. All the finalists are extremely talented but we are our own toughest competitors.

Parry G and Harmanpreet: It’s been a lifetime experience for us and we feel very special to be a part of the finalists. Our toughest competition among the finalists is with Beat Breakers. All three of the judges have given us great feedback. We even received a standing ovation from them on our last performance.

Manik Paul: My vision has truly been broadened after performing on this show. I now have bigger dreams and as Varun Dhawan himself said, I believe I can represent India on a national as well as on international level. Solo performances don’t get as much attention as dance groups. I think X1X groups are tough to beat. All the three judges are very nice and encouraging. They are all frank and direct in their comments and give constructive criticism.

Prahlad Acharya: I have fulfilled my dream and it doesn’t matter if I win or not. I am satisfied that I got the opportunity to showcase my talent on such grand stage. For me, I am my own toughest competitor. I have never thought about the judges as favorable or unfavorable to me. I have never had that situation especially after my acts.

Reproduced from Times TV: ‘India’s Got Talent’ gets its final 6

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