Lifestyle: Top 6 Famous Magicians in India

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Santosh Kumar | July 2014

Fantasy is basically something the matter of dreams. We can assume all these things with closed eyes. If something occurs fantastic, and unbelievable in front of your open eye with all your attention, then it is called as the magic. This is such a lie we love the most, and mostly the liar, the magician. The compilation given below is about such interesting personalities. We present you with some of the ever green names in the world of magic in India.

1) P.C Sorcar

This name is pretty synonymous with Indian world of magic, something similar to Sachin Tedulkar in cricket. However, Mr. Sorcar was having a great global presence as well. Being specific, P.C had rocked the audience through his mind blasting show during 1950-1960. One of his tricks called ‘Indrajala’ was become able in collecting a mammoth fan base. P.C slept for ever in front of live audience in 1971 at the age of 58.

2) P.C. Sorcar Junior

Yes, you guess it right. He is the son of the great P.C Sorcar, and has truely deserves to be his follower. Having bagged the prestigious Merlin Award fro magic, P.C. Junior has every reason to be in the compilation of top 6 magicians in India. Apart from India, P.C. Junior is having an overflowing respect abroad as well. He is considered one of the most earning personalities in the entertainment world with a global presence.

3) Ashok Bhandari

He is called the master of illusions in India. The best part about Bhandari is that his plays are the most entertaining than anyone else. Apart from the world of magic, he is a terrific musician as well. In fact, all his plays involve a great blend of music and magic. Especially, he is a master in playing harmonica. However, you can mostly find him conducting corporate magic events.

4) K Lal

This personality was involved in the magical activities perhaps for the longest period than anyone else. This one of the greatest Indian magician is having experience of performing in more than 20,000 shows. Mr. Lal died in 2012. In fact, he was active with his profession till July 2012. His head separation trick was the buzz making act at a point of time. Mr. Lal is having the record of presenting maximum numbers of magic shows than anyone else. In addition, Mr. Kantilal Vohra was having a great fan base over the globe as well. Especially, he was very famous in the United Kingdom.

5) Prahlad Acharya

This young performer is having every reason to be there in our compilation of top 6 magicians in India. Prahlad is a multi talented personality. In addition with magic, he is having an efficient hand in brave stunt works as well. Especially, Prahlad is having a great fan base for his escape acts. Apart from magic he is a perfect entertainer as well. He introduced the world of magic with a fantastic blend of art. Prahlad calls the specific show as the “dramagic”. Though Prahlad has many incredible acts in his list, but the car vanishing act was simply unbelievable as it is called. He is very popular for his act called “Maya Jadoo”.

6) Gopinath Muthukad

This young magician from Kerala has become a favourite and trend setter within a faster time span for his unique acts. Apart from being a magician, Gopinath is efficient enough in escape acts, stunt performances as well. The best part about him is that he wants to leave a message for the society through his acts that makes him to be there in our list of top 6 magicians in India. The fact that Gopinath left law study to pursue a career in magic portrays his passion for the work. He has bagged Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Acdemy award as well.

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